Hello Truffle Season!

Truffle Season has started at 5&33! Truffle is famous for it’s unique and special flavour. You can make endless combinations because adding truffles makes almost anything taste good!

Truffle? Truffle what!? In case you forgot, here a mini course. First of all, don’t confuse the truffle with chocolate truffles (same name but oh so different). Truffle is a strong smelling fungus and looks like a rough skinned potato. They grow underground in the wild woodlands and are hard to find. This is why truffle is such an expensive and exclusive product. Truffle hunters use specially trained pigs and dogs to help them find the fungus.

Truffle season


 5&33 four-course Truffle menu: Truffle party!

5&33 is one of the hotspots I love to go for dinner or drinks. 5&33 offers a super tasty Mediterranean shared-dining (ok, mostly I don’t like to share my food but in this case I do) concept with finger-licking good dishes. During the Winter it gets even better because the whole period the restaurant focusses on the delicious truffle!

During the truffle season you can enjoy a 4-course truffle menu that 5&33 has specially created.  On the menu: a beef tenderloin carpaccio with white truffle, mushroom risottomade by chefkok Julius Jaspers, with black truffle. Braised Ox Cheek with, guess what, truffle and as a dessert white chocolate raspberry tart with of course: truffle! #TRUFFLEPARTY

Of course it is my important task to try the menu for you :). I will never let you guys down! All I can say is that the menu is absolutely approved. Every single bite tastes like a piece of heaven in your mouth. This is the menu you want (and have) to try!

FYI: The special truffle menu is available till 1 March 2019 and costs €75,- per person.

Truffle Tuesday

As mentioned before, truffles are very expensive. Luckily 5&33 has something to offer that is good for your wallet as well. On Truffle Tuesday you can enjoy a pasta with Truffle and glass of prosecco for €20 only! This sounds like a true party! Well, you wanna know where you can find me the upcoming period? Guess once!

Truffle Tuesday starts at 20 November 2018. Book via: reservations@5and33.nl or 020 820 5333