Restaurant Persijn: let’s try the real Dutch cuisine!

QO is a brand new hotel in Amsterdam that opened its doors beginning this year. It is a modern and innovative lifestyle hotel in Amsterdam East that comes with all facilities for a perfect stay. TGFA was invited to try out QO’s restaurant Persijn. Persijn serves real Dutch dishes with a modern touch. That sounds interesting :)!

As you know, Amsterdam is a multicultural city. You will find a diversity of cuisines from different countries in town. Probably you didn’t hear that much about the Dutch Cuisine. Traditionally, Dutch cuisine is simple and straightforward, with many vegetables and little meat, but rich. Did you know our cuisine is a perfect basis for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle?

Persijn honours the Dutch food culture by serving real Dutch dishes, because our food culture deserves some celebration! Always wanted to try real Dutch food? Than Persijn is thé place to be!

But what to expect? Small Dutch dishes with a modern twist that are prepared with local, Dutch (seasonal) ingredients and a lot of respect. The dishes are fresh, delicious and reliable at the same time! The dishes are perfect to share, try a bit of all and explore the different flavours.

Persijns goal is to create original meals that are honest and good for our planet as well. Most ingredients are coming from local suppliers and from their own greenhouse located on top of the hotel building. What, are greenhouse? Yes! On the 22nd floor QO hotel has a own greenhouse! The greenhouse is as sustainably as possible and grows own vegetables, herbs fruit and even raises own fish. I’m sure this will make you food taste even better. Try how suprising and amazing our cuisine can be by visiting Persijn!

Done with dining but not ready to go home yet? Check out Sky Bar Juniper & Kin on the 21th floor that gives you a panoramic view all over Amsterdam! Try some delicious cocktails that contain fresh herbs and fruits picked in the Greenhouse. Well, have fun!

Try the ‘tomato‘. The rest is a suprise :).