Discover Haarlem city in a day

One of the most charming cities of the Netherlands and just a hop away from Amsterdam. Haarlem is the capital of the province of North-Holland and loved by many because of its charming streets, small canals and hidden gems. It is Amsterdams closest neighbour and only 20 minutes away by train. The city is full of hotspots and has great dining, drinking and shopping opportunities.

But did you know Haarlem is also known for its art & culture? Haarlem has a rich history dating back to pre-medieval times. The city is dating from 1245 which you can still see nowadays everywhere you look. In the Golden Age, Haarlem was a popular home and residence for the rich and powerful.

Haarlem art & culture

Haarlem is thé place to be for culture seekers with it’s historical sights, galleries, museums and art. As you wander around you will find monumental buildings, hidden courtyards and charming canal-lined streets with old houses, Haarlem has it all!

Can’t wait to explore Haarlem? Than check out this list with Haarlems hotspots & highlights!

Sights, art & culture

1.Molen de Adriaan

No visit to Haarlem is complete without a visit to the Adriaan windmill. It is one of the most impressive features of the city. Take a 45 minute guided tour and learn all about the windmill.

Molen De Adriaan

Papentorenvest 1A, 2011 AV Haarlem

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2.Frans Hals Museum

The Frans Hals Museum is the museum of the Golden Age. Discover hundreds of artworks coming from this special period and mister Hals masterpieces.

Frans Hals Museum

Groot Heiligland 62, 2011 ES Haarlem

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3.Walk through the old historical city centre and grote markt

Haarlem has a remarkable history and culture. Wander through the old historical city and see monuments that are almost 800 years old like the Sint-Bravokerk.

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 Eating and drinking

1.Café Martinus

Colors, flowers, vintage, Insta-proof, prints & plants. Have a breakfast or lunch at Café Martinus! From Salades and sandwiches till juice, and cake!

Café Martinus

Spaarne 94, 2011 CL Haarlem

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A melting pot of the Middle-East and West. Enjoy tasty streetfood with delicious flavours!


Grote Markt 19, 2011 RC Haarlem

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3.Bistrobar Indonesia

Modern Indonesian eye-catching dishes that are a true explosion on your tongue. From small dishes to street food and rice tables to share.

Bistrobar Indonesia

Zijlstraat 49, 2011 TK Haarlem

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Classic French dishes with a funky American twist. Dine in urban Frenchy bistro style with fresh oysters, juicy lobster from the grill and aged Cote de Boeuf!


Oude Groenmarkt 10-12, 2011 HL Haarlem

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Getting to Haarlem is easy with public transport. From Amsterdam Central station a train departs every 10 minutes. Taking the bus is an option as well but it will take a bit longer. If you’re looking for exact directions from your location check

Wander through the hidden courtyards of Haarlem, see the monuments of the historic city, rent a boat and explore Haarlem from the canals, drink a cup of coffee on one of the cozy terraces, discovers Frans Hals masterpieces and more!

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