Amsterdam East & North

We all know Amsterdam for its famous canals and iconic city centre. But the city has way more to offer! Amsterdam has many neighbourhoods that all have their own unique features and character and are worth a visit!

Amsterdam East is a diverse neighbourhood and a mix of all cultures. From the fancy Plantage area to the multicultural vibes that characterize the Dapperbuurt and Indische buurt. The area has many and cultural sights, exciting bars and cafés to hang out. From monumental 19th-century buildings and cultural sights till trendy hotspots or traditional Turkish Bakery’s: Amsterdam East has it all!

NDSM Wharf is a former shipyard that has turned into a creative area. This place has a raw and industrial vibe and is the breeding ground for artists and hip companies. NDSM Wharf is famous for its festivals, events, street art and the biggest flea market of Europe called ‘The IJ-Hallen’.

Amsterdam North shows a completely different side of Amsterdam. The ‘IJ‘ river seperates North from the rest of the city. The upcoming area is becoming more and more populair and is transforming to a trendy district with lots of cool hotspots. Take the free ferry, cross the IJ and in a few minutes you will reach The Northern part of Amsterdam.

4 Things/places to do/eat/sleep in Amsterdam East

1.De Kas

Restaurant ‘De Kas’ is not a usual restaurant, it is located in a huge former greenhouse. The restaurant has its own propagation house were they grow vegetables and herbs. Besides that they have a huge acre in the Beemster area in North-Holland. All dishes the restaurant serves are prepared with their own cultivated products, this means all food is 100% biological and super healthy! The Dishes in the restaurant depend on what De Kas can get that day, so you’ll never know what you can order on the menu. How funny!

Restaurant De Kas

Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3, 1097 DE Amsterdam


The Tropenmuseum is a world cultures museum about people in the world. It located in a one of the most impressive museum buildings of Amsterdam. The museum has 9 continual exhibitions that each shows a unique story about the cultural diversity the world has to offer. The story’s are about universal theme’s like love, celebration, pray and grieve.

Besides the continual exhibitions the museum has temporarily ones. A must see from the moment: The Cool Japan exhibition. The exhibition highlights the world’s fascination for Japan with all things Japanese, till 1 September 2019.


Tropenmuseum, Linnaeusstraat 2, 1092 CK, Amsterdam

3.ARTIS Royal Zoo

The oldest zoo of The Netherlands located in the heart of Amsterdam East. A zoo with 750 different animals, 300 different trees, many gardens and even a micropia museum which focusses on the microscopic world.

ARTIS Royal Zoo

 Plantage Kerklaan 38-40, 1018 CZ Amsterdam

4. Loui Loui

A South American-inspired cuisine bar and restaurant in 1 in Amsterdam East. At Loui Loui you can breakfast, lunch, dine or have drinks! Hungry after or before your museum visit? Loui Loui is located on the opposite of The Tropenmuseum.

Loui Loui

Linnaeusstraat 11, 1093 EC AMSTERDAM

5. Hotel The Manor

Looking for a place to stay in Amsterdam East? Than why not sleeping in the most beautiful hotel of Amsterdam East! The Manor was a Hospital for more than 100 years and has its history for sure. Johan Cruyff was born here and Prins Bernhard had to stay here after a traffic accident in 1937. What to expect nowadays? A modern hotel inspired on Amsterdam with authentic details from the past.

The Manor

Linnaeusstraat 89, 1093 EK Amsterdam

 Things to do in Amsterdam North


The NDSM-wharf is thé absolute place to be for street art lovers. Everywhere you wander you see the most impressive street arts from all kinds of artists. The free ferry from Central Station will bring you to NDSM in a few minutes. This year the biggest street art museum of the world will open on the NDSM Wharf with artworks bigger than Rembrandt’s Nightwatch.


NDSM-Plein 28, 1033 WB Amsterdam

2.EYE Film Museum

A museum for everyone that loves film and art. Enjoy different exhibitions, all kinds movies, from the newest arthouse films till classics, in one of the 4 theaters or the amazing view on the IJ river.

EYE Film Museum

IJpromenade 1, 1031 KT Amsterdam

A special thanks to: Hotel The Manor, Iamsterdam Amsterdam marketing and KLM