3x Dutch foods you SHOULD try

Food tasting on local markets is one of the most fun things to do if you ask me. Discovering and trying new flavors is yummy! Wanna try some typical Dutch foods on thé market of Amsterdam? Than check this list with 3x Dutch foods you should really try on The Albert Cuyp Market.


I can’t get enough of them, poffertjes! Poffertjes are small fluffy mini pancakes that Dutchies eat with dairy butter and powder sugar. On the Albert Cuyp Market poffertjes are prepared freshly on the street. The fun thing is that you can see the whole process in front of you. After that it’s time to taste!

3x Dutch foods

Fresh Stroopwafels

The sweet waffle made from two very thin layers with a caramel syrup in the middle. I’m talking about the Dutch treat we all know: stroopwafels! But did you ever try warm & freshly prepared stroopwafels? The Albert Cuyp is the spot to try some original, fresh and huge stroopwafels. See how it’s made from beginning till end and add some chocolate sauce or m&m’s if you stomach dares!

3x Dutch foods

Fries from Pietersma Snacks

Pietersma sells fries since 1959. The hand cutted fries are freshly made and belong to one of the best fries of Amsterdam. Add some real mayo to you sack and enjoy!

3x Dutch foods

Wanna try more Dutch foods? Winnie’s Dutch Market is open now. Treat yourself with one of my Dutch food boxes with which are filled with favo Dutch Snacks!



3x dutch foods