Amsterdam fun to know

Where is Amsterdam? This might sound as a stupid question, but it still an often Googled question. Amsterdam is located in The Netherlands which is a small flat country in Northwestern Europe

Amsterdam has an oceanic climate and is only 22 kilometers (14 miles) from the North Sea. The climate is mild and is variating from fresh cloudy days to pretty sunny days. There is never guarantee of good weather, we often care an umbrella but no matter how windy it is, Amsterdammers will ALWAYS use their bikes! What is the Amsterdam weather currently? Take a look to the right!

The official currency of Amsterdam is the Euro (€) as in most European countries

Amsterdam is build on 11 million wooden poles! In the 13th century ‘The Dam’ was built in the Amstel River (so yes, ON the water!). The Dam is nowadays still the heart of the city.

Amsterdam has 165 canals which are together more than 100 kilometers long!

The city has more than 844.947 inhabitants and 180 nationalities which means a lot of different food from different cultures (Yummie!)

What time is it in Amsterdam?

Our official language is Dutch but since we have many nationalities you
will probably hear people also speak other languages

Amsterdam has more than 1.762.000 visitors each year, hopefully you’re one of them 🙂

Amsterdam is THE bike city with more bikes than people, almost 900.000! Every year 15.000 bikes are fished out of the canals, 63% of the Amsterdammers bikes daily

You’ll never get bored in our vibrant city. We have more than 40 parks, 5517 shops, 75 musea and 38 markets (btw: Amsterdam is thé market city of The Netherlands) and many different neigboourhoods with each their own character. Click here to see them all

Amsterdam has 2500 houseboats and 7000 monumental buildings

The three red X’s you see all over the city are the official symbol of Amsterdam and stand for “Heldhaftig, Vastberaden, Barmhartig” which is in English: “Heroic, Steadfast, Compassionate”.