About The girl from Amsterdam

The girl from Amsterdam is the Amsterdam travel guide with unique discoveries.  She loves to explore new spots and the best ones she selects with love specially for you. Wanna know what things to do in Amsterdam, curious what places to visit in Amsterdam? Just press the search button and explore Amsterdam now in an easy and fun way! Discover the hotspots and to-do’s like  hotels, restaurants, bars, activities, markets, music & theaters, neighbourhoods  and many more!

Visit Amsterdam soon? That sounds SO exciting! Of course you want an amazing time in Amsterdam. You might have many more questions like: where to stay in Amsterdam, what are the best hotels in Amsterdam? What to see in Amsterdam, what to do in Amsterdam, what are the Amsterdam sights? In the Amsterdam city guide you will find tips and Amsterdam information for a perfect trip!

Behind The girl from Amsterdam

The girl from Amsterdam is a character invented by Olivia Odenthal. She studied media & communications at the University of Amsterdam and worked in the PR and online marketing industry. Olivia combined her passion, creativity, knowledge and expertise and from there on The girl from Amsterdam was born. The girl from Amsterdam ,Winnie, is a curious and enthousiastic character that you recognize by her red dress and black hat. She is a cheerful city girl that can’t wait to share her discoveries and best secrets with you!